Since The JUSTICE Conference was birthed in 2010, we have had the opportunity to gather with thousands of individuals around the world who share a concern for the vulnerable and oppressed. We have learned from each other, made changes in our communities, and most importantly—become better reconcilers, restorers, and redeemers in Christ. We are determined to keep chasing justice, together. Will you join us?

Race & Education

We believe at The JUSTICE Conference that the Kingdom of God is not simply a message of Jesus, but an honoring of that message through the life lived. We believe no one should be hindered in pursuing education based on their race. With a lack of education, you hinder one’s ability to advance in life and to cognitively understand and communicate the wonderful kingdom message of God. You keep them from being in a dialogue and a spirit lead relationship with God for the advancement of his Kingdom.

The Justice Conference
The Justice Conference


Greed gleans to the edges of their fields; leaving an unjust gap between those who can provide for themselves in abundance and those who are perishing because of lack of basic necessities due to Oppression, Corruption, and Prejudice. Global poverty is a vital sector of life in need of engagement for the purpose of manifesting the love of Jesus to all of humanity in need.


Poverty is not simply a series of bad choices and lack of worth ethic. In fact, poverty is defined as the state of being inferior in quality or insufficient in amount. Inequity is defined as the lack of fairness or justice. Inequity can happen even if someone is successful but yet is seen as less than. What happens when poverty is caused because of one’s ability to suppress another due to the power they have and the prejudice disdain they have for another based on race, gender, class and affiliation? Poverty & Inequity is a vital sector of justice as many are oppressed based on what they do not have and do not receive fair and justice treatment based on who they are.

The Justice Conference
The Justice Conference


Violence begets more violence and never repairs the relational wounds of the historic past. Being a peacemaker is a key trait in the Kingdom of God. Countries continue on today in this historic divided narrative that power brings hope. However, we believe a kingdom of light seeks to make peace by confronting historic and present day ills with empathy as a way of hope and not by using violence and ignoring the past. Kingdom peacemaking unites humankind despite class, creed, or beliefs.


Family, faith and disposition says your image is worth me devoting my life to you. In order for the blind to have guides, the oppressed to be set free, the hungry to be fed, the alien to have a home, the naked to be clothed, and the prisoner to be comforted, Justice has to be a lifestyle not a conference you attend. Justice has to be a way of life to honor God and all humanity who live under His kingdom rule.

The Justice Conference
The Justice Conference


The challenge right now is how to provide both aid and development for the refugee. We must provide the immediate resources required for a crisis of this scale, but we must also invest in sustainable solutions. This crisis will not be fixed any time soon, nor is it going away. Millions of people are in need of starting their lives over, from nothing. And potentially in countries where there is no familiarity, where they do not know the language, or how to navigate, or move forward. The challenges are enormous. We can, and must, have an immediate response to give of our resources to those who are in need. And there are a great number of aid organizations doing amazing work all around the world. As a key sector for us at TJC what is our responsibility as followers of Jesus? What does He ask of us when it comes to the widow, the orphan, and the stranger?