Ed Rene Kivitz

Pastor of one of the most influential local churches in Brazil, Ed René Kivitz is a Senior Pastor of Agua Branca Baptist Church in Sao Paulo. His church has experienced extraordinary growth from its ministerial praxis that reconciles a Reformed tradition with the Latin American theology in order to promote social impact. Pastor Ed René Kivitz is a theologian, lecturer and writer. He is the author of Breaking Paradigms, Living with Purposes, Another Spirituality, and The Grumpiest Book of the Bible. He has developed a program called Talmidim – a youtube channel and two books of biblical and theological reflections on the person, life and work of Jesus. Pastor Ed graduated in Theology from Baptist Theological Faculty of São Paulo and holds a MD and Master of Science in Religion from the Methodist University of São Paulo. He is the creator of the Christian Forum of Professionals – a movement that aims to spread values of the theology of Justice and a Christian way of doing business.