An Evening of Arts and Justice

Join us for a night celebrating the Arts and Justice including spoken word, music and special guest performances. All are welcome to attend. Tickets are $15.00. The faculty, staff and student price is $8.50 (Please have your Student/Faculty ID with you when you check-in at registration). Want to attend for free? Register to attend The JUSTICE Institute in CHI and LA

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Criminal Justice System || CHI SEPT 21-22 2018
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Women’s Empowerment || LA SEPT 28-29 2018

An Evening of Arts and Justice || Performers

Join us for a night of music and poetry with these amazing artists

Urban Doxology


Urban Doxology is a ministry of Arrabon that writes the soundtrack of reconciliation in the racially diverse and gentrifying neighborhood of Church Hill, Richmond, VA. The band evolved out of the Urban Songwriting Internship Program that is a partnership with Arrabon and East End Fellowship. Most of band members are an active part of East End Fellowship, a community that endeavors to be a faithful presence seeking God’s joy and justice for their neighborhood out of love for Christ.

Sharon Irving


“I take a deep breath and step out on faith.” Those words have been a mantra for South Side of Chicago Native, Sharon Irving, songstress/songwriter/spoken word artist, worship leader and actress, since she was a little girl, performing in front of the congregation at the south side church in Chicago where her grandfather was pastor. Her first tenous steps as an artist were shaped by the influences of his powerful baritone singing and eloquent sermons, and the mind blowing artistry of her father, famed jazz musician and composer, Robert Irving III. With loving encouragement from her mother and grandmother, Sharon has cultivated and shaped her own creative persona. She is an inspiring ‘voice for the voiceless’, a passionate wordsmith spewing truth and inspiration, singing songs of life and love motivated by her personal experiences, and undergirded by her Christian beliefs. Sharon has been a part of the worship team at Willow Creek Community Church in Barrington, Illinois for several years, has contributed songs and words of hope before thousands at liturgical and corporate events, youth conferences, including the popular “CHIC”, (‘Covenant High in Christ’), in small clubs and intimate settings all over the country, at the Angola Prison in Angola, Louisiana, and even entertained millions while a participant on Season Ten of “America’s Got Talent”, where she received the coveted “Golden Buzzer” at her first televised audition, and was chosen by America to compete in the Semi-Finals. “We are all walking art”, Sharon has stated as she fuses her love of fashion and music into a whimsical symmetry of sound and visual esthetic. She also lends her talents to the popular Chicago-based band, “Pocket Radio”, which blends soul, hip hop, funk and fusion. Over the past two years, Sharon has poured her spirit into her debut album, ‘Bennett Ave’, which premiered September 29,2017.. “I like to blend different art forms when I’m writing songs and, with this album, I’ve drawn inspiration from every genre and I mean every genre. I have a passion for shaping words and everyday phrases to melody. ‘Bennett Ave’ is an expression of my thoughts on issues of justice, love and redemption in the darkest situations. It's about what it means to be human when we’re at our lowest and highest points. It’s been challenging, but my heart is to pursue new methodologies in worship music, and reach people through mainstream music. Life is messy and broken. So many people are hiding, living for others, dying on the inside, holding onto unhealthy narratives out of fear but Gods strength is made perfect in those messy places. I'm learning this, daily. There's an unlikely and beautiful story of redemption waiting to unfold in our lives. I want my art to be transparent, raw, uplifting and healing.”

Pinqy Ring


Born and bred in Chicago, Marisol Vélez (aka Pinqy Ring) first shook hands with the mic at age 15 when her love for learning Hip Hop songs turned into a curiosity to try it for herself.

During the span of her career, Pinqy has captivated audiences in Chicago - playing the Taste of Chicago in 2017 - as well as Washington, Austin, Houston, Minneapolis, St. Louis, New York, San Francisco, New Orleans and even Ghana, West Africa. She has been the subject of local, national and international media features and has reached hundreds of thousands of listeners as a guest on several radio interviews.

Amena Brown

Poet & Author

Amena Brown is a poet, speaker, author, and event host. Named one of Rejuvenate Magazine’s Top 40 under 40 Changemakers, Amena is the author of five spoken word CDs and two non-fiction books: Breaking Old Rhythms and her latest release How to Fix a Broken Record. She has performed and spoken at events across the nation such as Creativity World Forum, IF Gathering, and Chick-fil-A Leadercast, as well as touring with Gungor, Ann Voskamp and the Voices Project Historically Black College and University Tour.

Amena is also the host of the limited edition How to Fix a Broken Record podcast about her book of the same name and the co-host of podcast, Here for the Donuts. She and her husband, DJ Opdiggy, live in Atlanta where they host an open mic every fifth Thursday at Urban Grind Coffee.

Live, Amena is always insightful, entertaining, and poignant. Her message and approach work extremely well with most audiences. Below explains her topics and approach:

Lisa Gungor


Lisa Gungor started loving music, art, and poetry as a child. She began recording and traveling with the band that eventually turned into the Grammy-nominated musical collective simply known as “Gungor.”

Lisa now lives in Los Angeles with her husband and their two beautiful and wild girls, Amelie and Lucie. She continues to write for Gungor, The Liturgists, and is the author of “The Most Beautiful Thing I’ve Seen.``

Mer Young


Long Beach artist Mer Young has created a body of artwork manifested in collages, drawings, paintings, and public artworks. Young's artworks aim to inspire, celebrate and elevate repressed indigenous, first nations and native cultures and women of color. Her works also focus on matters immigration.

Young’s works have been included in numerous exhibitions nationally and internationally. Her public art works can be found in the East Village Arts District of Long Beach, CA, in The Sixth and Ninth District of Long Beach, CA, in The City of Glendale, CA, The City of South Pasadena and in the Art District of Los Angeles.

News articles such as Random Length News, San Pedro, CA, and The Manifold Magazine, Honolulu, HI, The Long Beach Post, News Sincerity, and The Long Beach Gazette have all issued reviews of her works. She was awarded and recognized by Mexico's Municipal Directorate Against Addictions (DIMCA), Baja California as a contributing artist to the 20th District of Tijuana, Mexico.

She is a current member of The National Foundation of Independent Artists (NFIA), she holds Associate Degrees in Fine Arts and Liberal Arts from Long Beach City College and received her Bachelors of Fine Arts Degree from The University of Southern California.

Tonya Ingram

Tonya Ingram is the 2011 New York Knicks Poetry Slam champion, a member and co-founder of NYU's poetry slam team, a member of the 2011 Urban Word-NYC team, the 2013 Nuyorican Grand Slam team and the 2015 Da Poetry Lounge Slam team. She is a six-time poetry slam finalist, a 2014 Pushcart Prize nominee and the author of Growl and Snare. She is a New York University alumna, a Cincinnati native, a Bronx-bred introvert and is a recent graduate from Otis College of Art & Design where she obtained her MFA in Public Practice.


Join us for a night celebrating the Arts and Justice including spoken word, music and special guest performances. All are welcome to attend. Tickets are $15.00. The faculty, staff and student price is $8.50 (Please have your Student/Faculty ID with you when you check-in at registration). Want to attend for free? Register to attend The JUSTICE Institute in CHI and LA.