Charles Robinson

Charles is a member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma and has a passion to teach others about Native American ways. He has served on the Board of Directors for the Tennessee Indian Education Association and travels to reservations and Native communities to meet with tribal leaders regarding the challenges facing Native people in the 21st Century.
Charles has a strong awareness for the importance of cultural identity within various people groups. He has played professional basketball in Europe and traveled extensively while living there. He has also spent time in Jamaica, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Peru, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Canada. He grew up in Texas and Oklahoma and has worked a variety of jobs, including as a wrangler on a horse ranch, rodeo cowboy, sales, real estate, retail, marketing, public relations, song writer, tour manager, booking agent, poet, public speaker, missionary, painter, preacher, teacher, coach, and more.

Currently, Charles and his wife, Siouxsan, share Native American cultural presentations in schools, corporate events, camps and churches. They have seven children and reside in Franklin, Tennessee.
Charles is a Northern Traditional powwow dancer and currently serves on the Board of Directors for Empty Hands Fellowship (multi-racial, socio-economically diverse fellowship of men serving the community of Franklin, Tennessee), and Board of Directors for O’More College of Design.

Charles is the author of The Silent Voice of Creation and graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a B.A. in Journalism/Public Relations and History.