At the JUSTICE Conference, we continually ask ourselves this question: “What is our responsibility as followers of Jesus toward the widow, the orphan, the sojourner, and the stranger?” The debate surrounding our country’s responsibility to immigrants and refugees has reached a fever pitch. Scenes of children being separated from their parents at the border or refugees desperate to find safety and protection fill our television screens and social media timelines. Too often, our responses to these events are informed by the deeply partisan, contentious positions rather than a compassionate response based upon humanity. 

In their book Welcoming the Stranger, Matthew Soerens and Jenny Yang ask this crucial question in light of the commands of Christ: “Those of us who seek to follow Christ, in particular, face a challenge in sorting through the rhetoric to understand how we can reflect God’s justice as well as his love and compassion in designing a national immigration policy, and in the ways we relate individually to the immigrants and refugees in our communities.” This balance is vitally important to approaching the issue of immigration from a holistic, humane view. 

For these reasons and more, we have chosen Immigration & Refugees as one of our sectors of JUSTICE. This crisis will not be fixed any time soon, nor is it going away. We are committed to fostering compassionate, generous responses to these vulnerable groups of people based upon the call of Christ to love our neighbors. Though the challenges are enormous, we are not powerless to extend charity and affirm dignity. We can, and must, have a response to give of our resources to those who are in need. At the JUSTICE Conference, we pledge to provide resources that allow each person to become educated and understanding about immigration and refugees along with highlighting the aid organizations who are facilitating valuable work all around the world. 

To receive practical insights on Immigration, Refugees, and Advocacy, join us at our Washington D.C. Justice Institute event on September 12-13, 2018 for a rare, intimate learning experience with immigration experts. Register today!

You can also to our conversation with Pastor Gabriel Salguero and Jenny Yang on the Chasing Justice Podcast! 



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