Protests, marches, painful pictures of deportation have flooded our television screens over the past few years as the refugee crisis and immigration debates have reached a fever pitch. Yet, those familiar with the complexities of this issue know that this conversation is not new. As the DACA debate continues to take place in the highest levels of the American government, America can no longer ignore the reality of those who come into our borders under duress, desperately searching for refuge.

At The Justice Conference, we have continually asked this question: “What is our responsibility as followers of Jesus toward the widow, the orphan, the sojourner, and the stranger? That’s why one of our sectors of justice is Immigration and Refugees. Despite the toxicity of this debate, we reject false characterizations that immigrants and refugees are dangerous threats to our society. We believe that our primary position should be one of compassionate generosity for those who come to our country in distress. We must have an adequate response that gives our resources to those who are in need.

At the 2017 Justice Conference gathering, Rev. Gabriel Salguero gave a stirring address on our main stage about caring for people who are different from us.

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