Pre-Conference Friday June 03, 2016

The 2016 JUSTICE Pre-Conference is an “Intensive Format" program which is specifically designed to allow you to go deeper and help you engage with justice issues in a more practical and rigorous way. Each learning track is curated to provide in-depth exploration of core Biblical and Social Justice issues.


Track #1: Advocacy and Activism

The Advocacy Track (on-site at Loyola University...) is designed to deepen your understanding of justice issues. You will wrestle with challenging ideas and immerse yourself in unique experiences with your peers and colleagues. This is your chance to connect with other practitioners, professionals, academics, and faith and justice leaders. You will collaborate with some of the most experienced justice leaders in the world and build relationships beyond organizational barriers.

You can select from six Justice Streams:


Poverty in America Learn More

Race and Reconciliation Learn More

Community Organizing Learn More

Trafficking Learn More


Track #2: Justice in Action

The Justice in Action Track (off-site) is designed to get you out of the classroom and into the action. You learn by doing and this track is based on a Come and See format, providing you with the unique opportunity to visit different Justice Projects around the city of Chicago. This is a chance to pull back the curtain and see how local justice works, and importantly, this is a chance to get your hands into the action. You’ll learn from the local justice leaders, get involved in the community and share in the ‘practice’ of make a difference.